How to use the YURAGI+ offer code for iPhone and iPad (free use for 3 months)
Please be sure to execute Step 4. within the usage period. (Billing will start automatically after 3 months)

Step 1. Check that your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 14 or later or iPadOS 14 from “Settings” > “General” > “Information”.

Step 2.
If you have installed YURAGI+, please delete it and install it from here. If you are a new user, please install from here.

Step 3.
Click here to activate your offer code.

Step 4.
Tap Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription.
You may have to scroll down to see the “Cancel Subscription” button. If there is no cancel button or the expired message is displayed in red, the subscription has been cancelled. *Please note that if you do not perform this operation, billing will start automatically after the free period ends.


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